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Part of the Summer Festival of Writing 2020

Nothing beats personal and professional feedback on your work

During the Summer Festival of Writing, we’re offering delegates the chance to book one-to-one phone calls with their choice of book doctor, literary agent or publisher.

Warning: these slots will fill up fast!

Book a one-to-one slot with a book doctor or literary agent during the Summer Festival of Writing.

Includes a fifteen-minute phone call on your work.

US $70.00

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What happens after you book your ticket?

After you’ve bought your one-to-one, you’ll be directed to a live booking page, where you’ll be able to choose your expert and time of your session. Please choose these carefully.

You will then be asked to submit your work in advance. More details on this can also be found below.


The Festival of Writing

One-to-one sessions always book up fast. 

When you buy your one-to-one, you’ll be directed to a booking form which contains up-to-date information on which tutors have spaces available, and when.

We recommend creating a shortlist of five/six agents or book doctors before you purchase, so you can snap up your choice before someone else does.

Tips on how to choose

Take note of when the agent or book doctor is available – especially if you have a holiday booked.

Think about whether you have a preference for time. All times will be listed in BST and take place via phone call.

Do your research! Certain agents will only represent certain genres. Take your time to look at their website or AgentMatch profile to find out if they’re suitable for your writing.

Book doctor or literary agent? Book doctors are perfect if you’re interested in receiving critical advice on your writing. Literary agents are perfect if you would like advice on marketability, or are interested in submitting to them.

Please note that one-to-one sessions are subject to change due to illness and timetabling changes. If your session is moved, we will endeavour to tell you in as much time as possible and arrange an alternative time or suitable person to your genre. Funnily enough, such changes in the past have ended up in offers of representation!

Preparing your submission

In order to get the most from one-to-ones, we ask all delegates to submit their work in advance, so your chosen agents and book doctors have ample time to read before the session.

Once you’ve booked your one-to-one slot, you’ll be directed to upload your work. You’ll need to compile the following in three separate Word documents:

  • Your query letter
  • A one / one-and-a-half page synopsis
  • The first 5,000 words of your manuscript

If your work isn’t quite ready to submit yet, you’ll get emailed a link to upload this later. However, we recommend submitting at least two weeks ahead of your slot (or earlier if possible!), to give your expert ample time to read it.

Please note that once you have submitted your work, it can’t be altered.

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