A month of online events to help you get your book published.

A month of online events to help you
get your book published.

MARCH 2021

MARCH 2021

Are you looking to land a publishing deal in 2021?

Jericho Writers has got the event for you!

Our exciting Getting Published event starts on 1 March and runs throughout the month, bringing you 12 webinars from acclaimed authors and experts in the field, all focused on getting published. 

You’ll come away with the most up-to-date and valuable set of information you need. Even if you only take one thing away from this event (but we’re sure you’ll take a lot more than that) it’s sure to fast-forward you speedily onto the next exciting phase of your writing career.

How to Attend Getting Published Month

The event runs online from 1 – 30 March and is only available to Jericho Writers’ members.

You can join us as a member on a monthly or yearly basis at any time. Join us before March to gain access to all the Getting Published Month events.

Our membership contains all the masterclasses, courses, online events, tools and connections you need to smash your writing targets.

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A month of live online events to help you get your book published.

Your guide from submission through to publication

Getting Publishing Month has something for everyone. From how to find agents to submit to, to creating your submission pack and managing your expectations through the publishing process.

By the end of the month, you will have learned how to:

  • Self-edit your work ready for submission.
  • Craft a stand-out submission pack.
  • Understand which publishing route is right for you.
  • Find relevant agents to submit your work to.
  • Get funding for your work and enter competitions.
  • Create an effective publicity strategy and build your author brand.

Each live session will be run by experts in their field who are ready and willing to help guide you through the process of getting published.

Event Line-Up

Date Speaker Event
1 March Harry Bingham Ask Anything about Publishing
4 March A Panel of Four Authors A Case for Publishing
8 March Harry Bingham AgentMatch – How to Use it
9 March Six Authors with Differing Experiences To Agent or Not to Agent
13 March Debi Alper Managing Expectations
15 March Katy Massey Entering Competitions and Getting Funding
18 March Alice Fugate Slushpile Live USA
20 March Harry Bingham Your Elevator Pitch
23 March Helen Richardson Getting Ready for Publication
25 March Mushens Entertainment Your Submission Package
27 March Neema Shah, John David Mann,Taj Fregene, Phillippa East Inspiring Jericho Stories
30 March Harry Bingham Self-Editing Live

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Your Speakers

Getting Published Month Programme

Ask us Anything About Publishing with Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham

Monday 1 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

There are more ways than ever to see your novel in print. But which one works for you and your book? Each route to publication has its pros and cons. This is your opportunity to ask Jericho Writers, founder and best-selling author, Harry Bingham, any questions you have about what route will work best for you and how to go about it.

About Harry Bingham

Harry has written a variety of books over the years, notching up multiple six-figure deals and relationships with each of the world’s three largest trade publishers. His work has been critically acclaimed across the globe, has been adapted for TV, and is currently the subject of a major new screen deal. He’s also written non-fiction, short stories, and worked as ghost/editor on a number of exciting projects. Harry also self-publishes some of his work. His Fiona Griffiths series sells successfully in the US where it’s been self-published since 2015.

Thursday 4 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

In this panel event, we hear from four authors who’ve all had different publishing experiences: digital first, hybrid, independent and publishing with the Big 5. Do you have your own particular view on which you prefer?  Which one works best for you?  Come with questions to ask the panel, and keep an open mind as to the pros and cons of each.

About our guests

Sophie Flynn is a Cotswolds-based psychological thriller author with an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes, and also Head of Marketing at Jericho Writers. Her debut novel ‘All My Lies’ will be published digitally by Simon & Schuster in 2021.

Christina Chiu is the winner of the James Alan McPherson Award for her novel ‘Beauty’. She’s also author of ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Other Saints’, published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

Elisabeth Thomas grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where she lives and writes. She graduated from Yale University and ‘Catherine House’ is her first novel, published by Headline.

E.C. Scullion has worked in British Embassies in Beijing, Bangkok, Montevideo, Panama City and Rome. She’s a graduate of the Faber Academy and ‘Intruders’ is her first published novel.

A Case for Publishing with Our Panel Guests

Agent Match: How to use it with Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham

Monday 8 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

AgentMatch is a huge database of literary agents with powerful tools for searching. This webinar will  show you exactly how to run a useful search on AgentMatch – and how to generate your agent longlists and shortlists. (Clue: it probably takes you about 5-10 seconds to generate a useful agent longlist.). Using AgentMatch you can narrow down your search not just to the genre, company size and country where the agent works, but also find out the agents’ preferences. If they prefer women’s fiction, stories based in Scotland, love stories set in the 1900s and so on, you can find it here.

About Harry Bingham

Harry had an instrumental role behind the creation of AgentMatch.  He’s been writing for many years and so used many different ways to find the right agent for his own books. So when creating  AgentMatch he knew exactly what an agent database for writers needed to do. Harry’s advice when you first use AgentMatch is to create a longlist of agents which will take about 15 seconds, and then zoom in on the agents that most appeal to you, to find things in common, where you will be able to create a camaraderie with that person and your book.

Tuesday 9 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

This panel event includes a host of authors, all with varying experiences in finding representations and getting published. Come armed with as many publishing questions as you like to put to this fantastic group of writers: Sophie Flynn, Steffanie Edward, Karen Powell, Victoria Dowd, Araminta Hall and Greg Buchanan.

About the panel

Sophie Flynn got an agent after her novel was picked up by a Big 5 publisher; Steffanie Edward sold her book directly to a leading digital publisher and ended up with a two-book deal;  Karen Powell submitted to agents for ten years before she found her dream one; Victoria Dowd has sold two books without an agent;  Araminta Hall sold her Richard and Judy bestseller without an agent and is now on her fourth agent; and Greg Buchanan was approached by eight agents after his story was featured in an anthology.

To Agent or Not to Agent – Discussion Event

agent or not

Managing Expectations with Debi Alper

debi alper

Saturday 13 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

Every writer wants their stories to be read, but the truth is that not everyone will be published. How do you balance dream and reality, asks Debi in this intriguing online event? This session focuses on what you can do to give your story the best chance of reaching readers, whether through a trade deal or self-publishing. Debi has published e-books as well as traditional and says ultimately, it’s about what you as an individual want.

About Debi Alper

Debi’s first two novels, ‘Nirvana Bites’ and ‘Trading Tatiana’ are urban thrillers set among the sub-cultures of South East London, published by Orion. She’s since set up her own imprint and has re-published both novels as e-books, along with the next three in the series. For the last fourteen years, Debi has spent most of her time helping other writers perfect their novels through critiques, mentoring, Book Doctor sessions and creative writing workshops. She also runs the phenomenally successful Jericho Writers’ Self-Edit Your Novel course, together with Emma Darwin, as well as acting as a competition judge.

Monday 15 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

This webinar will cover how to apply for Arts Council funding as a writer. It also includes an up-to-date look at which available grant schemes are available right now,  as well as accessing alternative sources of funding. Katy will also cover tips for entering competitions, and uncovers the ‘dos and don’ts’ of submitting prize-winning entries.

About Katy Massey

Katy Massey’s memoir ‘Are we home yet?’ was published in September 2020 by Jacaranda. Spanning the years from 1935 to 2010, ‘Are We Home Yet’ is the moving story of a girl and her mother, whose bond is ruptured by a discovery.  She wrote ‘Tangled Roots’, true life stories about mixed-race Britain.  And has also produced several Arts Council-funded literature projects, and her work has been shortlisted by Penguin WriteNow, Commonword, SI Leeds Literary Prize and Route Publishing.

Entering Competitions and Getting Funding with Katy Massey

Katy massey

Slushpile Live USA with Alice Fugate

Thursday 18 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

Ever wondered what a literary agent thinks when they open your cover letter? Want to get live feedback on yours? Now is your chance to hear from top US literary agent, Alice Fugate. In this live session, Alice will give her views on the audience’s cover letters, live. Whether your cover letter is picked for critique or not, by attending this session you’ll get a fantastic insight into what you need to do to get your cover letter to shine.

About Alice Fugate

Alice joined The Joy Harris Literary Agency in 2020 after working at Trident Media Group. Alice works primarily with children’s books but is also interested in select adult projects, including stories about the American South, historical fiction, and works that explore faith, religion, music, or nature. In children’s books, she loves animal fables, fairy tale retellings, comedies of manners, adventure tales, heartfelt contemporary, and narrative nonfiction. In everything, Alice looks for wit and whimsy.

Saturday 20 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

How do you create the perfect elevator pitch; the summing-up of your book in only a few sentences? Being able to create a good pitch and capture an agent or editor’s imagination in a short number of words is a real skill; it can transform your writing journey.

In this session learn first-hand from the king of elevator pitches, Harry Bingham.  Even if you’re don’t need to pitch directly, this session is invaluable for helping writers get clarity before you submit your manuscript, query letter and synopsis. Bring your notebook and pens and have your pitch ready to show in the chat.

About Harry Bingham

Founder of Jericho Writers, Harry Bingham takes charge of this session, and with his wealth of experience and knowledge about writing, you know you’re in safe hands.  Harry’s books have notched up multiple six-figure deals and relationships with each of the world’s three largest trade publishers. His work has been critically acclaimed across the globe, has been adapted for TV, and is currently the subject of a major new screen deal.

Your Elevator Pitch with Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham

Getting Ready for Publication with Helen Richardson

Tuesday 23 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

Getting ready for Publication

Full of industry insight and practical tips, this session shares effective strategies for publicity.  Here you can learn how to build your author brand, flex your contacts and utilise social media.  Who hasn’t flinched at the amount of social media you feel you’re required to get involved in to get your book noticed once it’s published?  Gain an understanding of publicity so you can write your own PR plan or get the most from working with your publicist.

About Helen Richardson

Helen is an award-winning book publicist with over 25 years’ experience of creating targeted and impactful publicity campaigns across a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles. In the past she’s worked on a diverse number of book campaigns from literary fiction, politics and society, crime and thrillers, and comedy and celebrities. Formerly, Publicity Director at the Orion Publishing Group, she launched Helen Richardson PR in 2019.

Thursday 25 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

Spend an hour in the company of Juliet Mushens and Silé Edwards, from top literary agency Mushens Entertainment, and be enlightened. Want to know what gets their agency interested? Have a question about your submission package? Want advice on how to make your work as noticeable as possible? This interactive event will allow you to put your questions to two leading industry experts.

About Mushens Entertainment

Mushens Entertainment is a leading UK literary agency that represents a diverse range of authors. Juliet Mushens and Silé Edwards lead this event. Juliet Mushens started her publishing career in 2008 at HarperCollins, and became an agent in 2011. She’s been shortlisted for Literary Agent of the Year four times and is currently the number one ranked UK dealmaker on Publishers’ Marketplace.
Silé Edwards began her career in publishing with several internships across the industry. After graduating she worked at the Publishers Association, then moved to Curtis Brown as an assistant in the Book Department, where she supported clients including Adam Kay, Deliciously Ella, Katy Brand and Lucy Foley.

Your Submission Package with Mushens Entertainment

mushens entertainment

Inspiring Jericho Stories with Jericho Writers Members

inspiring stories

Saturday 27 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

We love a Jericho success story! Join us for a panel session with four excellent writers who have achieved their dreams through Jericho. Come armed with questions and prepare to be seriously inspired. The authors are Taj Fregene, a practising NHS doctor, Philippa East, a fiction writer and psychologist, Neema Shah who works in marketing, and award-winning author John David Mann.

About our authors

Taj Fregene is a northerner who now lives in London. He wrote a speculative fiction novel called ‘All of Our Tomorrows’ and is currently working on his second book. Philippa East’s debut novel ‘Little White Lies’ was shortlist for the CWA ‘New Blood’ award, and her second novel ‘Safe and Sound’ is out now.
Neema Shah’s debut novel ‘Kololo Hill’ (Picador) was Best Opening Chapter runner-up at York Festival of Writing and was shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award. John David Mann is an award- winning author whose books have sold more than 3 million copies. His titles include four New York Times bestsellers and the classic parable ‘The Go-Giver’.

Thursday 30 March
19.00 GMT / 14.00 ET

Back by popular demand: Harry will take chunks of writers’ submitted work and edit them live on screen, talking through his thought process as he does so. A hugely enlightening session as you get to see how a successful author thinks about editing, and see how the writing changes and comes together as he works.

To submit some of your writing for Harry to self-edit, you can contact him via Harry’s blogs on Community.  Please follow the instructions in Harry’s Friday emails on 19 and 26 March.

Deadline: 28/3/2021 at 19.00

Self-Editing with Harry Bingham

Harry Bingham


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